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    Nara Rohit Tuntari Review

    Nara Rohit Tuntari Review

    Editor's Review


    Nara Rohit who has done unconventional subjects till now tried a film in commercial format that’s’Tuntari’. This is an official remake of Tamil hit ‘Mann Karate’

    Story: Five software professionals Kishore, Pooja, Sudarshan, Aanand, Kalki on a vacation come across a upcoming boxing tournament, the winner of the boxing tournament will get a prize money of five crores.  They approach Raju (Nara Rohit), a care-free youth in Vizag and cut a deal regarding the prize money. Raju falls in the love of Siri (Latha Hegde) who wants to see him win the boxing tournament against Killer Raju (Kabir). Will Raju win the boxing tournament? Why did Five Techies choose Raju for their Mission?  Did their game plan work?

    Plus Points:
    Hero Nara Rohit performance
    Comedy in first half

    Minus Points:
    Music and Songs
    Second half

    Analysis: Nara Rohit delivered his best in ‘Tuntari’. His characterization and performance is completely contrast to what he has done so far. He impressed the audiences with his entertaining role of a careless guy. His body language, comic timing and dialogue delivery are the major highlights. Latha Hedge is just alright,  She did not get much screen space to prove her self. Kabir Dulhan Singh is impressive as an antagonist though his screen space is limited. Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar were good. Music by Sai karthik was disappointing. Story provided by AR Murugaodoss was good. Director Kumar Nagendra tried to increase the humor in Telugu version, though its a serious subject.  Director failed to create  chemistry between lead pairs Nara Rohit and Latha Hegde.  Overall the movie is below average.