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    Dictator Review

    Dictator Review

    Editor's Review


    Nandamuri Balakrisha’s 99th movie Dictator has generated huge buzz before the release as Balayya is considered as Sankranthi star with many big hits to his name. Lets see whether director Sriwass managed to pull another hit or not?


    Chandu (Balakrishna) works in a supermarket and lives with his uncle’s family. Indu (Sonal Chauhan) is harassed by a gang and Chandu helps Indu. A colleague of his steals money from supermarket for his daughter’s marriage but Chandu takes the blame and he is arrested. Then flashback is revealed that he is actually a very rich businessman called Chandrasekhar Dharma. He locks horns with Mahima Roy (Rati Agnihotri) who is responsible for killing the father figure of Chandrasekhar. His wife Katyayani (Anjali) killed by Mahima’s men and on his wife’s request Chandrasekhar leaves Delhi and changes his identity to live as a common man. This all the movie is all about.

    Plus Points:

    • Balakrishna’s performance
    • Mass scenes

    Minus Points:

    • Routine story
    • Boring second half
    • Less entertainment


    Nandamuri Balakrishna has portrayed two different characters, but his acting is very regular. He looked very stylish in the role of Dictator. Anjali looked beautiful and her chemistry with Balakrishna is good. Sonal Chauhan just adds glamour. Sam K Naidu’s cinematography is okay. Thaman music is just average and songs hardly help the movie. First half of the movie seems okay with some comedy and songs, the second half is boring. Director Sriwass and writers Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan, Sreedhar have failed Balakrishna. This movie is routine formula based story,  one can only watch if has plenty of free time.