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    Killing Veerappan Review

    Killing Veerappan Review

    Editor's Review


    Ram Gopal Varma’s Killing Veerappan is based on true life events of Veerappan. Kannada superstar Shivraj Kumar has played role of a cop.


    Killing Veerappan is the story of a cop who is on a mission on catching sandal smuggler Veerappan. Shivraj Kumar is the hero who played the role of the cop. Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan is the real highlight of the film, it just looked as if the character come alive on screen. Yagna Shetty played wife of Veerappan and Parul Yadav played a spy who traps her. Both have done justice to their roles.

    Plus Points:

    • Performance of lead actors
    • Cinematography
    • RGV direction

    Minus Points:

    • Slow narration
    • Long Run time


    Ram Gopal Varma has again proved with ‘Killing Veerappan’ that he is technically sound and good in making Biopics. The cinematography work is superb. The visuals of the movie during the pre climax are  mind-blowing. Killing Veerappan is a terrific tale which is narrated in commendable way by Ram Gopal Varma.  The first half of the movie is superb and the level goes up till the end. Music by Ravi Shankar doesn’t register as it’s used in parts over scenes passing by. Background music has typical loud quality heard in RGV films but it nonetheless helps in building the tempo. Over all this movie must watch for RGV fans.

    Rating: 3/5