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    Soukyam Review

    Soukyam Review

    Editor's Review


    Action entertainer movie “Soukyam” staring Gopichand and Regina Cassandra directed by AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary has hit the theaters this week.

    Story: Seenu (Gopichand) is a jobless person who falls in love with Shailaja (Regina), after meeting in train. Shailaja is the daughter of Don in Kolkata, her family members kidnaps her and fixes her marriage with son of  a local don. Seenu’s father (Mukesh Rishi) who does not like fights, askes his son to forget about her.

    Plus Points:

    • Gopichand action
    • Gopichand and Regina performance

    Minus Points:

    • Music
    • Routine Story
    • Bad editing, direction
    • Weak Climax

    Analysis: Gopichand dialogue delivery, body languages, dance and performance are good. Regina Cassandra did not get much screen space. Comedians in the movie failed to give much laugh to audiences. The music of the movie is scored by Anup Ruben which is not up to mark. The editing is handled by Gautam Raju, which is bad, he could have choped few scenes to make the movie better.  Director A S Ravi Kumar Chowdhary failed to entertain audiences in all elements from story, comedy, action, music. The weak story line, narration, screenplay and direction are the main drawback of the movie. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan disappointed the audiences with week script and dialogues. Overall movie is  a disaster which Gopichand would regret for working and audience for watching.