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    Editor's Review


    “Shankarabharanam” starring Nikhil, Nanditha and Anjali  has hit Tollywood screens this weekend. This movie is inspired by Bollywood movie “Phass Gayare Obama”. This is a action crime comedy movie in Bihar backdrop.

    Story: Gautham (Nikhil) is an NRI who lives in America along his family and leads happy life. His father’s (Suman) becomes bankrupt and Gautham comes to Bihar with the intention to sell his ancestrol property and clear all his debts in USA.  After entering in Bihar, he comes to know that his ancestral palace is occupied and he gets kidnapped by criminal gang. How will he escape from Kidnappers? How will he get rid of the debts? should be watched on big screens

    Plus Points:

    • Performance of Nikhil
    • Music
    • Cinematography

    Minus Points

    • Screenplay
    • Predictable story
    • Dialogues
    • Direction

    Analysis: Nikhil tried to carry movie on his shoulder but week screenplay  and narration failed him. Nanditha and Anjali’s  characters does not have much significance in the movie. The comedy of Saptagiri Prudhvi, Shakalaka Shankar falls flat. Kona Venkat penned the story, dialogues and screenplay which is very boring and not upto the mark. Debutant director Uday Nandanavanam has failed to utilize the talent of huge cast. Makers forcibly added all elements like comedy, action, songs but failed to entertain the audiences. The screenplay of the movie is very week and puts the movie on boring side. There are no special watchable elements in the movie.

    Rating: 2/5