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    Editor's Review


    Akhil-The Power of Jua is socio fantasy movie, starring Akkineni Akhil and Sayesha Saigal  directed by ace director V.V. Vinayak and produced by Nithin

    Story: Akhil  falls in love with  medical student Divya (Sayesh saigal). To impress Divya, Akhil takes the help of Rajendra Prasad. Sudden twist arises in the story when Divya gets kidnapped. In the search of Sayesha, Akhil reaches Europe and takes the help of Brahmanandam to get her back and in the process he gets involved in the mission to save the Earth.  How Akhil saves the Earth and Divya is the main theme of the movie.

    Plus Point:

    • Dance of Akhil
    • Action scenes
    • Sayesha Saigal Glamour
    • Cinematography
    • Nagarjuna Special Appereance

    Minus Point:

    • Week Story line
    • Out dated Screenplay
    • Comedy
    • Week Direction

    Analysis: Akkineni Akhil has rocked the silver screen with dance moves and action sequences. The comedy timing and expressions in emotional scenes are not up to mark. The glamour of Sayesh Saigal attracted the audiences but she didn’t have significant role in movie. Rajendra Prasad in has done decent job in the role of Akhil’s father. Storyline is very weak and V.V. Vinayak failed again to impress audiences with his direction and screenplay. The music by Thaman S and Anup Rubens don’t live up to the expectations.  Even Akkineni Nagarjuna’s cameo in the last song couldn’t help to save the movie. Overall Akkineni Akhil is a promising star with good screen presence and his skill is wasted with bad script and outdated screenplay. Overall movie is below average.