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    Editor's Review


    Kalyan Ram’s Sher released with low expectations but still failed to impress with story .

    Gautham (Kalyan Ram) shatters the dreams of rowdy named Puppy (Vikram). Gautham falls in love with Nandini (Sonal Chauhan) and he tries to impress Nandini’s father for marriage. Puppy tries to take revenge on Gautham by spoiling his marriage plan. Sonal Chauhan glamor is eye feast for audience. Brahmanandam and many other noted actors talent is wasted with poor characterisation.

     Plus points:

    1. Kalyan ram’s action
    2. Sonal chauhan Galmour

    Minus points:

    1. Routine Story
    2. Poor Direction
    3. Poor Screenplay

    Sher is entirely seventies and eighties  story which starts on a dull note and fails to rise above that mark at any point, Story gets worse as the movie slips into flashback. Sadly this film will affect Kalyan Ram who has got back on track recently with Patas. Sher is not worth a watch in Theatres nor even in television.