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    Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

    Editor's Review


    Bruce Lee The Fighter movie starring Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Rakul Preet in lead roles is directed by Sreenu Vaitla and produces by DVV Danayya’s hit screens today.


    Karthi (Ram Charan), friends call him Bruce Lee, is a movie stuntman by profession.  His middleclass father played by Rao Ramesh who constantly scolds his son for not concentrating on studies, homemaker mother, and an IAS aspiring sister played by Kriti Karbandha. His father aim is to make his daughter an IAS officer, but he can’t afford much for her studies. Karthi provides all the support her.

    On other hand, Riya (Rakul) mistakes Karthi for a brave undercover cop. Karthi’s sister gets engaged to the son of his father’s employer Jayaraj (Sampath), a big businessman with shady background.

    What trouble does Karthi’s sister land in and how does he saves her? This is what the film is all about!

    Plus Points:

    • Ram Charan’s dances
    •  Rakul Preet Singh glamour
    • Megastar Chiranjeevi’s cameo
    •  Cinematography

    Minus Points:

    • Routine story
    • Less Humour
    • Hurried second Half

    Analysis :

    Bruce Lee is a blend of all the ingredients action, comedy, drama, romance and family sentiments. Chiranjeevi is back on screen after a long gap, it is indeed a pleasure to watch the Megastar on screen. First Half of the movie is good to watch but, the second half is a bit boring. On the whole, Bruce Lee is  family oriented film for this festive season. Don’t expect much from the plot, Just go and watch it if you have leisure time.