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    Editor's Review


    Story: Siva (Ram) is a carefree, go lucky kind of guy who helps every couple who wants to elope and get married. In that process, he has to face difficulties as everyone’s powerful family starts chasing him. One day while escaping one such chase, he gets into tiff with Bhoji Reddy (Vineet Kumar) and his gang. While they are chasing, he falls in love at first sight with Tanu (Rashi Khanna). By the time Siva meets Tanu and expresses his love, goons of Bhojireddy and another gang of Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) also chases Siva. Finally when a gang catches Siva, what happens to Tanu and who is Abhi forms the rest of story. A trial of comedy, errors and huge fights lead to another routine climax.

    Plus point:

    • Performance of Ram
    • Glamour of Raashi
    • Cinematography

    Minus Point:

    • Screenplay
    • Editing
    • Predicated story
    • Week climax
    • Second half dragged
    • Run Time


    Analysis: It is dragged commercial entertainer movie. The story line and way of presentation of the content in the movie is not good. The painful run time and routine story of the movie is the main drawback. The presence of Ram and melodious songs are the plus point of the movie. There is nothing to watch in the movie.