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    Income Tax raids on Vijay

    Income Tax raids on Vijay

    More than 100 plus crore budget and almost the same pre-release business, humongous hype surrounding
    the film, just a day left for the biggest ever release for an Ilayathapathy Vijay flick, the socio-fantasy film, Puli. And suddenly  Vijay fans woke up to the shocking news of Income Tax raids on the residence of their favorite star.

    Puli was denied tax exemption from the state government, despite the censor board’s clearance with a clean U certificate. Usually, almost all the U certificate films are given tax exemption by the state government, but this was not the case with Puli. And sometime ago, the license of the popular theatre projection company, Qube, has been locked temporarily, making it even more difficult for the film’s release.

    This has led Vijay fans to openly outrage against those mysterious people in power, who have been constantly targeting Vijay, ever since his infamous tug with the state’s CM Jayalalitha, during the release of his film, Thailavaa, couple of years ago.

    Will Puli surpass all the hardships and have the last roar? Let’s wait for few more hours to know about it.