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    Editor's Review


    Story:Sivaji (Vishnu Manchu) is a youngster with social responsibility. He goes for his first date with Anamika (Praneetha). Anamika is kidnapped right under the nose of Sivaji and cops doesn’t believe him. There seems to be a conspiracy theory as Anamika’s father – owner of a news TV channel holds vital information. Rest of the story is all about how far Sivaji goes to get his love of life back.

    Plus points

    • Manchu Vishnu’s performance
    • Action Scenes
    • Second Half

    Minus Points

    • Superlative action
    • Unnecessary songs
    • Weak take off


    Vishnu Manchu is selecting different scripts and experimenting within the commercial scope of Telugu cinema. Anukshanam and Rowdy were examples about his intention to do different movies. Tamil film Arima Nambi is different and is also a commercially viable script.

    Dynamite keeps you on the edge with scintillating action and with a screenplay that moves ahead at breakneck pace. There are few teething problems as the story takes some time to unfold. It keeps you guessing all the time until the villain is revealed. It is all blasting action once the villain gets into action.